Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jax's Spiderman Room is FINALLY COMPLETE.

It's hard to believe after almost a year and a half, I finally have ONE of my children's bedrooms complete.  I am so particular.  I know exactly what I like, but sometimes finding all of the pieces to the puzzle, just don't come together as quickly as I would like.  Jax has been out of a crib for well over 1.5 years and finally, at age 4, his room is complete.  

I gave Jax a few options themes, for his room, that I knew currently interested him and he chose the Spiderman theme.  It was no surprise to me because what boy, BIG or small, doesn't love Super Heros?  

Being the 3rd child and 2nd boy of the family, Jax receives MANY hand me downs. It was also no surprise that Jax would be inheriting Ty's bedroom furniture. This was by no means a punishment because Tyson's bedroom furniture is only 2 years old.  Tyson is ready for a pre-teen room which required new furniture that can take him through his teenage years.  Basically, more mature furniture.

So allow me to introduce the 1st, but certainly NOT the last, FINISHED bedroom in our home.  
 A view taken from the bedroom door.
 I love all of the reds, blues, and patterns.
The headboard wall is navy, the rest of the room is a powdery blue.
Can you spot the build-a-bear dressed up like spiderman?
 The bedding came from Pottery Barn Kids.
The letters came from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.
A shot taken from the right side of the bedroom.
 Scattered throughout the room are all of his super hero friends.
 The newest addition is the spiderman lamp from the Harris family.
 A "spidey" man night light.
 A spiderman trash can from grandad and grandee.
And even though Jax is a "big boy", mommy had to keep a few baby mementos.
A friendly reminder that, "Jesus Loves [Him]".
 All of his marvel masks are hung above his closet doors.
The only downfall is when he wants to wear them.  LOL!
I've started buying duplicates to eliminate the problem.
 This is my favorite accent (well one of them). A wall decal.
It makes the room look like Spiderman just entered.
I have a few little additions that I am considering adding.  
One addition may be a painted spider web.
A friend, Scott, from from our church, is excellent at doing this task.
This is my second favorite accent piece.
It's a really fun lamp from Pottery Barn Kids.
It offers two lighting options: a lamp or a small lantern light.
These curtains were Tyson's.  They are a little faded.
I'm contemplating replacing them with a red/navy striped shade.
 Behind his bedroom door resides a ton of "dress up" clothes.
Woody from The Toy Story!
A Police Man.
Of course all of the super hero costumes as well.

I've been searching for a biblical quote to add to his room 
That can relate to the theme of his room, but I am not having a ton of luck.  
I do enjoy the quote below and if I cannot come up with anything else... 
This quote will be made into a decal and added below the spiderman decal.

"Sometimes being a brother, is even better than being a super hero."

I'm mostly thrilled that Jax's room was finished first  because he's always the one who takes the back seat, being the 3rd child.  Oddly, he's the most appreciative.  :) Lilah and Tyson's rooms are 2/3 of the way done.  I think Darren and I are leaning towards redoing our bedroom for our wedding Anniversary in June.  We will be married for 12 years, but together for 20 years.  So hard to believe.

****Update: I GOT THE QUOTE - YEA!!!!!***** It looks so good.


  1. Those that wait on the Lord shall mount up with Power like Super Hero's. No disrespect toward the word of God and the original test.
    Your room is Spider-special, Jaxon!! I sent you Restoration books from Florida. Love Mom

  2. Hi, how did you mount the masks on the wall so that they sit flush? I want to do this in my sons room (and he will definitely be taking them on and off. By the way, the room looks great, Jaxon is very lucky!
    Thankyou! Kristie

    1. LOL! First off, thanks for your sweet comments. Second off, this was NO easy task. It took me awhile to get the mounting perfected. There is NO easy way to mount the masks AND allow your son to use them daily. Thankfully, my son doesn't ask to use them (maybe once a month). I tried everything from velcro, to fishing string, to double sided tap. I was bound and determined to get them on the wall, but nothing was working. Eventually, I had to tie the strap that goes around their head, TIGHT, and use push pins to mount the masks. Does this make sense?

  3. I love this im currently in the process of doing my kids rooms too and my son is getting a super hero themed room as well and I as well was going to use the quote being a big bro is better than being a super hero thanks for the tip about how to hang the mask I want to put them at a level he can use tho I also have the idea of putting the super hero action figures up as hanging hooks thank god his uncle is a handy man and come help us out lol anyways ur son room is really nice

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  5. im about to redo my sons room in spidey and your just gave me some great ideas! it looks awesone!

  6. im about to redo my sons room in spidey and your just gave me some great ideas! it looks awesone!

    1. I'm so glad I could help. I LOVE to blog for these reasons, in addition to others. This post is the 2nd TOP post I've ever written. To date, it's been pinned over 4,000 times and viewed over 2,800 times. It's exciting when your ideas are popular and are used by others. ENJOY!

  7. Where did buy the mask?

  8. Do you remember the name of the red white and blue bedding from PBK? I can't find it on their website. Thanks.

    1. Hello!!!! Possibly "rugby". It's been a while though so my memory has since failed me. Haha.

  9. Do you remember the name of the red white and blue bedding from PBK? I can't find it on their website. Thanks


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