Monday, April 29, 2013

A LASTING Birthday Present!

The Harris kids and the Bolling kids cannot get enough of each other.  The other day, we left a play date with the Harris family, and one of my kids said, "I wish they were our family!"  Ashely is very sweet and carefree when it comes to her kids playing in the dirt or simply being kids.  I, on the other hand, am not.  Everywhere we go, I have wipes and hand sanitizer.  I guess they enjoyed her style of mothering. LOL!  Btw, Ashely, Tyson is begging to come help with the chickens again on Tuesday.  


Check out this lasting gift that Ashely gave to JAX for his birthday, from Cohen.
Ashely never misses a trick.  Jax had been begging to have a sleep over and I told him when he turns 4 he can have one.  I guess I told Ashely this and low and behold, she didn't forget.  
Well, April 19th has already passed.  So that leaves just two dates left.  What's good for you Cohen Ashely?

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  1. YOU PICK! This friday works, we have MS walk in the morning so we would drop him off on our way or the 17th, really, you pick :)


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