Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's hard to tell, but the trash bag was empty and our collection filled up the trash can half way!
We've decided, enough is enough!  NO MORE CANDY.  The rule can only go so far because the schools gives it out, our church gives it out, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day and of course grandparents give it out.  BUT, in our home, we will NOT have any candy available to eat!  It has ZERO nutritional value (despite what my sister's husband's shredding diet allows.... kookie diet :), not to mention, it makes the kids hyper and provides POOR dental results.  I am so happy to get rid of it ALL, but I hate to see it go waisted.  OH WELL!

So.... if you buy my children candy and they do not eat it before they arrive home... it will go in the trash :(  SORRY!  

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