Saturday, January 12, 2019

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

On day 8, our elves arrived with the most impressive SNOW scene EVER!! You have got to check this out. It came complete with everything needed for the best snow day.  First up, (Above) snowballs for a snow ball fight and a new, "TY" snowman stuffed animal. (Below) Napoleon arrived with some new snow gear: ear muffs, a scarf, and a snow tube! Yea baby!
Then, there were some cute, snow snacks, like white cheddar cheese balls that look like snow balls, hot cocoa gold fish, a bag of marshmallows, and a jar of whip cream.  
New snow toys!  How adorable is that penguin builder? This "sno" toy came from Target (Shhh, don't tell my kids that.  They think Santa makes these gifts). Hehe. They are called Sno-Buddies.
A reminder to make snow angels.  
And to drink hot cocoa.  The reminder included a hot cocoa bar, which came complete with...
New cocoa mugs... SNOW FUN!
Ghiradelli hot cocoa, (duh), a candy cane, and milk chocolate lollipops.  
The chocolate lollipops were in the shape of a Reindeer and a Penguin. 
And because one of our kids loathes chocolate, our elves brought him snowflake marshmallows!
Do we have the BEST elves are WHAT?  Below, it looks like they are ready to go sleigh riding.  They brought their snow friends too.  See frosty on his sleigh? 
Oh man, a snowman squishy, a BIG wubble bubble "FULLA" snow, and some snow window clings.  Can you say, "#ElfGoals"?
And then fell the REAL snow! We got a good 10-12 inches on this day. (I think). AND how funny that TODAY, the day I share the snow scene, it's supposed to snow either tonight or tomorrow!
This elf scene was for sure WORK! And it was even worse to clean up.  LOL!  But... the memories and reactions are all worth it.  

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