Thursday, January 10, 2019

The BEST Self-Tanner EVER!

Would you like a healthy way to feel tan?  I have the product for you.  Our self-tanner has our proprietary ingredient, SenePlex Complex, which is a kinetic enzyme that works to affect the way your cells grow.  This enzyme helps your skin cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top.  It also fights the signs of aging by supporting the renewal of your skin cells by an average of 23.3% MORE RAPIDLY than any other product on the market. Our bottle is non-aerosol AND contains a FULL 4-ounces. Our selfless tanner also produces a streak free look AND it smells AMAZING.  

I'm not going to lie... I had my own SELF-DOUBT about our self tanner BECAUSE no self tanner has EVER produced positive results for ME.  AND THAT'S WHY, I wanted to PERSONALLY USE IT before actually selling it.

NOW, the doubt has been REMOVED.  I am so excited to share my BEFORE and AFTER photos with you. The look that ONE application produced, make me feel like I have been to the tanning bed for several weeks. I am very satisfied.  
NO streaking.  No orange glow.  Just a beautiful natural look!
I am VERY self conscious of my legs, so please know in order for me to post these photos, you must know that the results produced a confidence in me that I have NEVER had.
"Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye!"  ZERO FILTERS, zero editing, JUST before and after PHOTOS of my self-tanning bronzing coconut milk lotion. These photos were taken exactly 24 hours apart (at 5:45 pm). Same spot. Same arms and legs.
If you would like to purchase this tanner, please contact me @ 540.520.1853.  I ship for FREE.

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