Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Fresh Starts Are A Gift!"

School is out for the Summer.  Here's what we gave out to the teachers and bus driver at the end of the year?  I am beyond proud of it.  Let me explain my little creation.  

Here are the items you will need: 1. A mini shopping cart.  2. Miniature erasers.  3. Little brown envelopes.  4. A printer.  5. Tape. 6. 8" lollipop sticks or skewers.
This adorable shopping cart was found at Hobby Lobby.  It grabbed my attention immediately.  I love everything miniature.  It came in multiple colors.  I thought about the grocery stores I would be shopping at, in hopes that I could color coordinate my gift to the shopping cart.  The price... $3.99.
As soon as I saw it, I knew instantl what I would do with it.  
Next up, I needed miniature food.  I found these adorable mini eraser sets in the dollar bin at Target.  
And these... for $1.00. Not photographed was another pack of ice cream cones.
Here is another shopping cart in green.  
These mini craft sacks came from Hobby Lobby too!  These were $2.99.  I wanted them to resemble a brown paper bag from a grocery store.
I printed some small Fresh Market logos and adhered them to the "bags".  
Wala! Mini carts.  Mini food.  And now, mini grocery bags. 
I chose to insert a Fresh Market gift certificate into the brown craft sack.  This store is a little more unique and special to shop at, so I thought it would be more impressive than a gift card to Wal-mart or Food Lion.
Put it all together and look at HOW adorable this gift is. The twins' main teacher received a $50.00 gift card and the other two teachers/bus driver received a $25.00 gift certificate.
I used an 8" inch lollipop stick to adhere a printable that I created.  
The printable reads, "Fresh" Starts are a gift! Enjoy your Summer!"
To top off that cuteness, I wrapped the bus driver's gift in this darling bus driver's gift bag.  I mean, it doesn't get any more detailed and perfect that THAT!!!
Erasers, gift certificates, creativity, and a mini shopping cart.... throw it all together and all that mini stuff sure does make a BIG SMILE!

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