Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jax Welcomes 4th Grade!

BE completely prepared for a JAX OVERLOAD in this post, but WHO CARES!!! He is COMPLETE eye candy! I was able to snag this cutie pie, take him around the corner, to an area of shade, and take some back to school photos.  
I am so excited about the way the photos turned out.  
I absolutely LOVE his smile, his eyes, his dimples, and this boy's heart.  
Fourth grade baby, here he comes!
He aims to please his momma and he gets an A+ for this photo session.  
The photo below is my FAVORITE!
I really hope this school year is "EPIC".  
His outfit, surprisingly, is from Crazy 8. I didn't plan on this being his outfit actually, but at the last minute, I decided that this child has such a good sense of fashion and I felt confident he would chose something adorable to wear. So, I allowed him to pick out his outfit.
If you like this outfit, you can shop it, below.
Also, just a little plug to Heidi Swapp's items.  If you DO NOT own a lightbox, do yourself a favor and get one! They come in SO HANDY during times like this, in addition to baby showers, birthday parties, lemonade stands, bridal showers, and so much more!
Jax was very pleased with his first day of school! He likes his teachers, he is happy with the friends he in his class, although he really misses his buddy Matthew! He came off the bus with a big smile.  I know fourth grade is pretty intense, academically.  I am thankful that my little buddy is strong academically, so I trust he can handle the workload.  We remind our children every day to focus on personal growth, ways they can love their peers, especially the less popular, serve their school, and honor the Lord.  Jax very rarely disappoints Darren or I.  I have not doubt he will continue to on that path.  We love you, Jaxon!

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