Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Legend Of PB&J

When Lilah performed in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mrs. Georgia shared the Summer Camp dates with her cast.  Lilah was excited and wished to be a part of the Summer Drama Camp at Attic Productions.  This camp was the only camp that Lilah has signed up for this Summer, but she is also taking two dance classes.  I swear, Summer is sometimes busier than the school year.  

This camp was limited to a certain amount of campers and filled up fast.  Camp was a FULL week, from 8:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (most days).  The cast learned an entire script in ONE WEEK (half days mind you).  
The cast was divided into two age groups and two plays.  Lilah's age group performed "The Legend of PB&J". Essentially, it was about one kingdom that loved Jelly and one kingdom that loved Peanut Butter. Each kingdom argued over which "condiment" was better.  

Lilah was given a key role as Jester.
It was Jester's job to try BOTH and judge, in his/her opinion, which one was best.  
Just a little aside... Jester Lilah HATES PB&J.  Hehe.  
And, Jester Lilah had to test BOTH a slice of bread with jelly and a slice of bread with peanut butter.  I mean, after all, that's how you JUDGE which is better, right?
The play's plot was so darling and the perfect length of time for a one week production.  
My only complaint was that the younger crew was not permitted to use mics and it was very difficult to hear them.  I literally have elephant ears.  I knew what the plot was about and I still had a very hard time really hearing the play.
Jester was so wise.  She tasted the Jelly Kingdom's sandwich and then tasted Peanut Butter Kingdom's sandwich and had the best idea.  She took one slice of the jelly sandwich and one slice of the peanut butter sandwich AND COMBINED BOTH!!!
Jester decided that what was best, was for the two condiments to be blended, for a tastier sandwich result.
Lilah had 5 lines, but she also had two dances, two songs, and her own little "act" as she tasted the slices of jelly, then peanut butter, then combined them and took another bite.
It was TRUE acting because like I said, she does NOT like PB&J.  She had to even act out ENJOYING all of it.
At the end, the entire cast, young and "old" performed to the song Million Dreams from the movie The Greatest Showman!
This was a great experience for Lilah as she prepares to audition for Annie in the Fall.  Side note: the director pulled me aside and asked me to have Lilah audition.  I told her we had planned to.  She said Lilah is a great little actress.  I agree.  :)

I am uploading the only videos I took.  Be on the lookout for that post next!

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