Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Orange You Glad It's Summer?!

The principal and school secretary MUST be ready for a break and must are bound to be SICK OF APPLES.  So, we are saying thank you with this BRIGHT, cheery, gift basket of ORANGE goodies!!!! I spotted the most delicious DRIED oranges from the FRESH MARKET last week and AS SOON AS I SAW THEM, I knew exactly WHAT I would do with them!!! I KNEW I would design the principal and school secretary's gift SOLEY off of those oranges and THIS is what I came up with?!
"Orange you glad it's SUMMER!"
I absolutely LOVE everything about this basket.  AND... I am so glad that tomorrow is the last day of school because I am tired of obsessing over the color/fruit orange.   Everywhere I went, I scoped the stores for ORANGE THINGS or ORANGEY gifts.  

I created a "sweet" printable for all to use.  If you would like to make a basket of your own, to gift to teachers, bus drivers, janitors, or school staff, click here, for the printable.  Please send me a photo of your creations. I love seeing them!!! And don't forget to tell others about our family blog if you do use the printable that I am generously sharing with you.

What was inside?  All kinds of goodies.  See below.
Boom Chicka Cheddar Popcorn
Peach Hand Sanitizer
Reese's Stuffed With Pieces

Trident Tropical Gum

An Orange Candle

Dried Orange Slices


Campfire Crunch

A Bath Fizzer

An Actual Orange

Orange Life Savers
I am so pleased with the finished product.  I printed the label, cut it out, and adhered it to a bendy straw, via scotch tape, so that I could manipulate the printable to be seen by the recipient, from any angle I desired.  

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