Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lilah Welcomes Fourth Grade!

My beautiful girl is growing up so fast.  Before I have time to sneeze, she'll be heading off to middle school.  Ugh, I am truly not sure if I am ready for that. It's so different having a daughter versus having a son.  The emotions are so different.  As are the ways I handle things. They just are.  I never thought I'd say that.  I hated when my dad would allow my brother to do things before I could (I am the oldest).  
Lilah couldn't have made me any happier during this back-to-school photo shoot.  
She acted just like herself: a little spit fire, filled with spunk and personality.  
I purchased many outfits for her FIRST DAY. I took a small poll, which included my top, four, favorite outfits. It was pretty much a tie, neck and neck, between the outfit she's wearing above and the outfit below that included pearls.
I allowed her to have the final say.  I also allowed her to decide on how she wanted me to do her hair. She exclaimed, "I want a semi-high ponytail and I want you to curl a few pieces with the curling wand, to hang in the front."  Works for me! I wanted to do 1 of 2 other styles, but I needed to practice them, but ran out of time. I was also NOT sure that I would have time to successful do those hairstyles, the morning of the first day, so STAY TUNED for some challenges that I am putting myself up against, in the future, with her hair.  
 This girl fills my heart with gladness.
"Bring on 4th Grade!"
Right before I took these photos, it was TORRENTIAL DOWN POUR RAINING.  I knew it would stop fast and look what arrived for US, right when the rain subsided.  A RAINBOW!!! I took this as a sign, from God, that this girl's fourth grade year would be as beautiful as a rainbow!!!
Oh and we painted her fingers and toe nails PINK.  I used her gel polish machine.
How cute are her wedges?  I want a pair so bad.
I feel like, in the below photo, she is saying, "HOW is Summer over already?"
Her book bag was purchased like three weeks into the Summer.  When I saw it, I gasped for air.  I couldn't resist it.
I loved so much about it.  I loved that a pair of lips was hanging off it. I mean, what mini lip boss doesn't love lips?
I also loved all of the mix and match fabrics, textures, and patterns.
I just LOVE it and so did LILAH! This book bag, surprisingly, was found at Gabe's.  It was designed by Betsey Johnson.  
And then, when we spotted this CUTE, panda bear pencil pouch, I HAD to grab it.  It matches the book bag perfectly.  Do you want one just like it, for your daughter? Click here to order.  
My sweet, sweet girl, how I love you so!  You are my hardest happiness, but just BECAUSE our female hormones are already in competition.  BUT... you have a personality that is LARGER than life. You are more talented, in so many ways, than you will EVER KNOW.  If I had to choose one person in life, who's shoes I could walk in as a child, it would be YOU! You're adorable, loving, kind, tell it like it is, protective of your loved ones, and have talents above and beyond your age, not to mention a confidence, that to this day, I don't have.  I live life through you! NOT meaning I make you do things that you don't want to do, because I once wanted to do them and couldn't, but rather, I get to watch you do what YOU LOVE and what I once wished, as a little girl, I was either able (financially) or had the talents to do it.  I know you will rock fourth grade.  Just remember that "pretty is as pretty does" and promise me that you will do all that you can to HONOR OUR KING, Jesus.

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