Friday, July 28, 2017

Myrtle Beach - July 2017 - Day #4

On our fourth day of our trip, we told the kids that we would treat them an adventure at the NEW Dave & Buster's.  They have a really impressive deal going on through August... if you BUY a $50 game card, your card includes UNLIMITED, non-ticketed, games.  So basically, all of the games that give out tickets are the only games that they charge you for.  You do have to go Monday-Friday between opening time and 5:00 pm, but still.... we were able to stay A LOT longer than we would have stayed had we not taken advantage of this deal.  We got each of our kids a $50 game card and told them to run, run, run and "have at it"! I was happy to see them having so much fun and Darren had a blast too.  I just kind of followed everyone around.  I did do a few silly things with Lilah... like the zombie game/ride.
Before arriving to Dave and Buster's, I was feeling silly and pretty, thanks to my glowing tan and LipSense, so I thought I'd share this cute video with you.  If you haven't tried lipsense YET, contact me.  You don't have to live local.  I accept credit cards and I will ship straight to your home!
(Above) Can you take HOW CUTE my little man is?  He is DEFINITELY a charmer for sure!
Can't get them away from sports.  LOL! They played this game MOST of the time.
Lilah and Darren played this intense zombie killer game and were REALLY focused!
Later that day, Tyson decided he was going to teach himself to juggle.  Not too bad for the first day!
Later that night, we took the kids to experience a Zombie Outbreak at the Wax Museum.  Darren and I have been before, but we thought it would be fun to take them!
We made a few jokes before entering.
Usually, the scarier the better.  I have tough kids.
But above, you can start to see that some of us began holding on for dear life, as we got closer and closer to experiencing the outbreak.  Darren looks like he was turning into a zombie! Haha
We had fun! We also got to enjoy a complimentary Mirror Maze, which my kids are obsessed with.  We challenged each other. Who could get out first?
Darren was the first to complete the mirror maze, but the second time he LOST. The video above shows how bummed he was that he lost. Hehe.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Myrtle beach - July 2017 - Day #3

Day #3 started with a.... can you guess? A DOG WALK! The evidence were these pretty beach shots.
The NON-evidence was the fact that I arrived home sweaty, but with LAST NIGHT's make-up still in tact, thanks to my company's long lasting make-up.  I am NOT proud of the fact that I went to bed wearing make-up.  I fell asleep blogging, so it was accidental.  BUT... how awesome that I can wake up looking ALMOST freshly showered and painted.
Day #3 was a Sunday, so we just threw on the clothes from the night before and rushed off to our church away from home. We've been several times and we really enjoy it.  My kids stay so engaged. Jax even laughed so hard at one point the rest of the congregation laughed at his laugh.  Haha.  It's really easy to vacate from worship when you are traveling. Satan has a way of sneaking in and tempting you to be lazy and make excuses for not staying focused on #1.  The sermon was great and just what our family needed.
After church, we ate lunch back at our condo and then headed out to the Tanger Outlets.  ONE of our children wasn't interested in shopping, so we allowed HER to stay home, at the condo, while the rest of us shopped our little hearts out.  Darren went ONE way, the boys went another, and I ANOTHER.  We tried to knock out the stores that we each desired to target without dragging the others down.  I love this stage of our lives because I can trust Ty to shop with Jax and Lilah to stay home if need be.  When we all met back up, my boys had spent their OWN money and treated both Darren and I to a few things.  They bough the a tank top and a pop socket for my cell phone.  Isn't that so sweet?
Before we left for the Tanger Outlets, I left Sadie and Simon these adorable Sea Horse cookies.  I brought them from home.  Our local Pet Supplies store offers the cutest cookies.  They are called Tail Waggers.
We had a semi- low key night. We took a walk on the beach and let the kids "night swim".  They had such a blast.  
It was hard capturing crisp photos because of the dark atmosphere and constant moving.
Cartwheels on the beach.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot of the Apache Pier.  
My handsome hubby hanging on to the dogs while I snap a few photos of the kids.
And... back to the condo we go to wash off the sand and the ocean water...

Myrtle Beach - July 2017 - Day #1 and #2

It's our Annual tradition... a week, +plus a few days, in Myrtle Beach for the Fourth of July.  We brought Sadie and Simon too.  I am not sure being away from the dogs for 8 days would be easy. Having them with us also saved us a ton of money in boarding.  Love having them with us, but sleeping in typically isn't an option because they need to be walked before the rest of the clan wakes up. Having them with us forces me out of bed around 6:30 a.m. and gets my legs moving, on the beach. I am an early riser, so 6:30 a.m. is sleeping in for me anyway.  I feel like I walked 10 miles a day on this trip, haha.  Let's face it.  The beach views never get old though, so I'll take it.
We arrived on Friday, around 4:00 p.m.  Took the dogs for a walk, unpacked, and then headed out to eat an easy dinner, at Chipotle, and grocery shopped at Publix, for the week.  
On Day 2, we enjoyed the beach and then went out to dinner at Rioz. I don't have too many pictures from either day, but the few I took, I love.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Visit To The Roanoke Pinball Museum and MORE...

A few weeks ago, I took the kids to our local Science Museum because our yearly membership was about to run out.  We decided to make a day out of it, but because the Science Museum is W-E-A-K, I also decided to treat them to the Pinball Museum, the Candy Store, and Lunch.
This was my kids FIRST time visiting the Pinball Museum.
The entrance fee is FREE for ages 0-5, $6.78 for ages 6-8, and $12.40 for ages 9+.
The ticket prices allows you to play up to 45 pinball machines unlimited.  
The museum is dedicated to the science and history behind Pinball.  
It's set up very retro-ey.  I think.  I loved the score board that they keep for the highest scores.
We almost had the entire place to ourselves.
I snuck a few downtown photos, from the windows, as the kids played.
I am not entirely sure what takes place at this bar, but Jax was playing some sort of game on that television.  
My only complaint about the Museum is that some of the games seemed a tad inappropriate.  My kids didn't even seem to notice though OR ignored it.  
We took a break and had lunch.  The boys had hot dogs from the wiener stand.  Again... another "first".  
Lilah, of course, didn't want a hot dog, so we left the boys at the wiener stand and walk over to grab her a slice of pizza. Check out the size of the pizza box and the slices of pizza.  Insane!
Of course no trip downtown is complete without a visit to "The Candy Store".
They were each allowed to spend $10.00 there.  
They had the coolest masks, so I told them to grab their favorite and try it on!  It made for a great photo.  
After their bellies and candy bags were full, we headed BACK to the Pinball Museum.  It was an eventful day, for sure!