Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas At Grandad and Grandnee's Home! ~2018

My in-laws have been very gracious to us, over the last two or three years, to host Christmas Eve dinner.  If I had to fit in another homemade meal, table setting, or prepare for company on top of all that we have going on, I think I would crack. Hahah.   spend the month of December trying to stay on top of it all and then the week after Christmas I spend an entire week cleaning/organizing, catching up on my sleep, and undecorating.  Christmastime like a part time job.  
This year, my kids truly needed their wallets to be reloaded.  They LOVE gifts, but they also have so many wants throughout the year and we just can't buy everything they want.  That doesn't teach them the value of a dollar, nor do they appreciate things nearly as much as when they buy it for themselves.
You can tell by my kids' reactions that what was filled inside of their new wallets was beyond impressive.  
Their hearts were full and so were their wallets.  LOL!  Thank you Grandad and Grandnee for the $250.00 that they each received.  
The first photo, in this post, was self-timed obviously.  I try to capture every moment, with whoever we are with, as we never know when are last days on this earth will be.  The photo quality is horrible, but the people in the photo are awesome.  I am so thankful to Reid and Renee for raising an excellent son, who provides and loves our family above and beyond.

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