Friday, December 29, 2017

Rae Dunn Inspired...

Each year, I find something REALLY nice, personalized, affordable, in style, trendy, and/or GORGEOUS that I want to give to SO MANY people, so I do. LOL!  The items either fit the person, the budget, the need, the category, OR I just love it so much that I want everyone to have it. This year, there were two items that I was a little obsessed with giving.  The first... were these Rae Dunn, inspired Christmas ornaments. I gave them to school teachers, the principal, the bus driver, Sunday school teachers, business owners, our pastors, my nail technician/friend, special friends near and far, my in-laws, and several other people. If you received one and now feel like this was just something I gave to everyone... DON'T THINK THAT WAY.  It truly is something I LOVED so much that I wanted everyone, I love, to have .  My hope is that this item is used year round because Rae Dunn is that type of product. OH AND... I even bought 10 of these ornaments for my tree.  I didn't take photographs of EVERY ornament I purchased, but here are a few of the ornaments I did take photos of.
Apparently, I forgot to take a photo of my personalized ornament.  LOL!

My Christmas tree was gorgeous and so special because of THESE ornaments.  

I bought (12) ornament hangers at A.C. Moore, but sadly it wasn't enough.  When I went to buy more, they were GONE and they aren't getting anymore in until next year.  A few of my recipients didn't receive one, so I am going to check Amazon and see if I can get more. Basically, all of that to say... I bought close to 25 of these ornaments if not MORE!
I gave these ornaments a special touch of my own by adding the gorgeous and very popular buffalo plaid ribbon (which by the way was IMPOSSIBLE to find this season).
I am even excited to have one for my desk.  I love anything LIPS, LipSense, or LipBoss related.
These special ornaments can be ordered at Four Seasons Gifts.  My girlfriend, Carmen, owns this shop.  There is truly NOTHING I haven't liked that she has made.  She's very talented.  As the old saying goes, "Find something you love and be sure to buy it in every color!"  Rae Dunn only comes in black and white, so I bought 30+ in the same color, just different names.

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