Saturday, December 30, 2017

Audition Footage!

Okay, I decided to share these videos because ONE day, Lilah will want to look back and see how much SHE HAS IMPROVED and grown.  So.... keep in mind that my girl had butterflies and NO EXPERIENCE AND remember, she's 8, EIGHT people!  Haha.  

Below: this video is of 1of the 2 cold reads.  Lilah has never done a cold read in her life and she had no idea what to expect.  I think she did pretty good considering she had no experience. I love how she read with tone and infliction.

Each person auditioning was asked to introduce themselves and give a little intro to their personality. Lilah is ALWAYS giving the peace sign. AND without fail... she did it in her audition too.

Lilah was taught a dance choreography. Then, she had to perform it as part of her audition.  
Lilah learned the dance choreography in five minutes and performed it beautifully. The first 25 seconds, each person was told to just improv their own dance move.
Next up, VOICE lessons/solo singing audition. YIKES. This little girl is pretty talented when it comes to dance and acting, but she is not confident when it comes to vocal abilities. When she learned the song with EVERYONE, she came back to me pretty upset. Saying, "I can't sing high pitched and this song is all high pitched!" It knocked her enthusiasm out of the park. She was pretty upset. She doesn't like to fail and felt like this would be what would mess up her opportunity.
"Rise up and sing..". You have to listen closely to hear her. Remember, she never claimed to be Mariah Carey. Singing is slightly out of her element. It takes some guts to do this stuff. LOL! 
That's a wrap!

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