Saturday, April 30, 2016

Opening Game Day!!!

Opening  game day is always anticipated by both the community and the players.  It was last Saturday.  The weather held up and boys played great!!  Ty's team is the A's or "Athletics" and Jax's team is the "Lugnuts".  Enjoy some of the photos I took.
Prior to the opening ceremonies, I tried to capture each team.
Then ALL teams were called by name and ran onto the fields. This is our youth pastor, Brett, who also coaches.  
Their daughter Ansley, in the middle.
Our friends' daughter Julia in the back.
The Lugnuts chose to run, so it was not as easy to capture them in action.
There's my Jaxey!
My hubby.
And then Ty-ty! #2
Let the games begin!!!
Coach Daddy and Jax!
Jax and his team played well, but I am pretty sure they lost.  They don't keep score in this league.
Ty played excellent.  One time that he was up to bat, all of the bases were loaded, he hit the ball all the way in the out field, it touched the fence, and he made it to home.
Ty's team played amazing and beat our other local glenvar team 12 to 3.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miscellaneous Myrtle Beach Trip Video Clips

Enjoy a few miscellaneous video clips, from my iPhone, of our beach trip.  First up, mini van travel.  We had our furry family members join us on this trip, so we removed the captain chairs, laid out a blanket and let the kids and dogs enjoy the space!
Slow Motion Cannon Ball Fun: These three do actually get along from time to time.  
Lilah's "water toy" that she got for her birthday was a "Fin Fun Mermaid Tail".  BEST. GIFT. EVER!
We N-E-V-E-R leave our Myrtle Beach visits without going to Villa Romana's Italian Restaurant.  Our highlight is not dessert, but Mike, the accordion player.  If Mike didn't roam the restaurant and entertain the guests, the food would still be amazing, but the atmosphere just wouldn't be the same.  We [heart] you Mike! 

One side note and sorta FUNNY and predictable story...Mike tried introducing a little girl near our table to Jax and designing a marriage.  Haha.  That didn't go too well.  Jax broke out in tears...SURPRISE!!! And Mike felt so bad.  Max recovered eventually, but Mike had to walk away for a little while to calm down.  Jax was so mad that he threw a dinner roll across the table, at Lilah and I, for laughing. We weren't laughing AT him, we were laughing WITH him.  Ok...he wasn't laughing at ALL. #mrsensitive

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lilah and Jax Birthday Celebration AT SCHOOL!

Lilah and Jax's birthday was the day that school let out for Spring Break. There was soooooo much going on and I felt like celebrating their birthday at school would be too much for Mrs. Thomsen and the students.  We postponed their celebration until the Wednesday AFTER they got back from Spring Break.  I ordered 30 mini birthday cake flavored cupcakes from Bubblecake.
I wasn't thrilled with how "plain" they looked so I did ask Bubblecake to give me 30 red hearts to add on top! They were so obliging.  
I reserve my lunch visit with my kids for birthdays ONLY.  This way they are really anticipatory!!! It's all they talked about the week leading up.  I feel bad at times that that's the only time I eat with them, but after eating lunch with them this time, I don't feel bad one bit anymore. Lilah and Jax just don't sit still. They run around the halls, go the bathroom, peak in the cafeteria windows, at their peers.... etc.  They are just happy I am present, but there isn't much "value" in eating with them.  LOL! I bet it would be different if I actually ate in the cafeteria with them verses at the tables offered for visiting parents.
Their peers made them each a homemade birthday card.  WOW! So they came home with 24 cards each. The students were asked to complete this question... 
If I could give you anything for your birthday, I would give you...
I got a BIG chuckle out of one of the cards.  It read, "I would give you a BIG, SHINY, COOL, AMAZING, PENEY!" I know how I read that at first.  It took me a while to read it properly.   
At the end of the day, each of the students received either a blue or pink heart shaped lollipop from Lilah and Jax!!! ALL of these photos were taken with my iPhone, hence the poor image quality.  I always feel the need to say so.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Easter 2016

On Easter, we were in Myrtle Beach! I was fully prepared weeks before, by shopping for and assembling the kids' Easter baskets, so I was able to bring them with us.  For the first time ever, we attended a reformed Baptist Church, on Easter Sunday, in Myrtle.  We wanted to make sure to celebrate the greatest holiday ever, with other believers and give praises to our King. I think it is safe to say we will probably make Ocean View Church our home church, in Myrtle Beach.
I wanted to remember our first time there, so I recorded the first two songs we sang, while singing.  I turned my phone upside down and let the video camera record the congregation sining.
Lilah even filled out a card at church and asked God, "How many people are saved?"
We wound up giving the kids their Easter baskets on Saturday morning.  I didn't want the excitement and thrill to distract the kids from Jesus' resurrection.  The kids were NOT expecting their Easter baskets to be at the beach and they certainly were NOT expecting them to arrive on Saturday, so that morning was particularly special.  I had each of the kids' baskets displayed as they exited their bedroom, from the night before.
 I even left a little something for Sadie and Simon.
Darren was EXTRA shocked to see a basket waiting for him to enjoy.  It actually made him feel bad, but he made up for it by treating me to many awesome things at the Tanger Outlets that day!
On the count of 3, everyone was allowed to start digging through their basket goods.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the items in Tyson's Easter basket, but below are photos of the items that were in the twins' baskets.  I always like getting things that the kids can use, things that are practical, useful, unique, and almost act as a double whammy.  Meaning...things that I would have to buy them ANYWAY, but I can get away with putting them in their Easter basket.  There was VERY limited candy and junk!

Jax and Ty received many of the same items, except maybe a different color, size, sport, or flavor.  Ty did receive the movie CREED, but again I forgot take pictures of the items in his basket.  I will only show photos of things ONCE, meaning, Lilah received GLOW STICKS too, but I don't want to blow up this post with duplicated photos.  First up, Jax's items.
Baseball, Rice Krispy Treat , Fresh Market
NBA Leggo Man
Baseball Stickers Collection Packs
Mini Kite from Michael's
Their favorite item! An itunes gift card.
 Lilah's Items
New wallet.
New, Decorative Outlet Box
Ipod Chord. 
Under Armor Headbands.
Shopkins bandaids.
 Darren's items: most all of his items were nutritious items that we have recently found and LOVE! Nut blends....Fresh Market.
Justin's almond butter and peanut butter
"Oh Yeah" protein bars!
Lenny and Larry protein vegan cookies!
Chocolate Whiskey!
A HOKIE polo shirt.  I drove ALLLLL the way up to Blacksburg and visited the Hokie Store, one day before our beach trip. This was Darren's favorite gift.
Everyone was really appreciative! That makes it ALL worth it.