Monday, April 18, 2016

Easter 2016

On Easter, we were in Myrtle Beach! I was fully prepared weeks before, by shopping for and assembling the kids' Easter baskets, so I was able to bring them with us.  For the first time ever, we attended a reformed Baptist Church, on Easter Sunday, in Myrtle.  We wanted to make sure to celebrate the greatest holiday ever, with other believers and give praises to our King. I think it is safe to say we will probably make Ocean View Church our home church, in Myrtle Beach.
I wanted to remember our first time there, so I recorded the first two songs we sang, while singing.  I turned my phone upside down and let the video camera record the congregation sining.
Lilah even filled out a card at church and asked God, "How many people are saved?"
We wound up giving the kids their Easter baskets on Saturday morning.  I didn't want the excitement and thrill to distract the kids from Jesus' resurrection.  The kids were NOT expecting their Easter baskets to be at the beach and they certainly were NOT expecting them to arrive on Saturday, so that morning was particularly special.  I had each of the kids' baskets displayed as they exited their bedroom, from the night before.
 I even left a little something for Sadie and Simon.
Darren was EXTRA shocked to see a basket waiting for him to enjoy.  It actually made him feel bad, but he made up for it by treating me to many awesome things at the Tanger Outlets that day!
On the count of 3, everyone was allowed to start digging through their basket goods.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the items in Tyson's Easter basket, but below are photos of the items that were in the twins' baskets.  I always like getting things that the kids can use, things that are practical, useful, unique, and almost act as a double whammy.  Meaning...things that I would have to buy them ANYWAY, but I can get away with putting them in their Easter basket.  There was VERY limited candy and junk!

Jax and Ty received many of the same items, except maybe a different color, size, sport, or flavor.  Ty did receive the movie CREED, but again I forgot take pictures of the items in his basket.  I will only show photos of things ONCE, meaning, Lilah received GLOW STICKS too, but I don't want to blow up this post with duplicated photos.  First up, Jax's items.
Baseball, Rice Krispy Treat , Fresh Market
NBA Leggo Man
Baseball Stickers Collection Packs
Mini Kite from Michael's
Their favorite item! An itunes gift card.
 Lilah's Items
New wallet.
New, Decorative Outlet Box
Ipod Chord. 
Under Armor Headbands.
Shopkins bandaids.
 Darren's items: most all of his items were nutritious items that we have recently found and LOVE! Nut blends....Fresh Market.
Justin's almond butter and peanut butter
"Oh Yeah" protein bars!
Lenny and Larry protein vegan cookies!
Chocolate Whiskey!
A HOKIE polo shirt.  I drove ALLLLL the way up to Blacksburg and visited the Hokie Store, one day before our beach trip. This was Darren's favorite gift.
Everyone was really appreciative! That makes it ALL worth it.

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