Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ty Guy IS President!!!!!

Our little VP has been promoted to President!!! His peers voted and they PICKED the right one. He arrived to school with a blue and yellow, (school colors), polka dotted tie and his speech in hand.  I arrived about 8:00 am to cheer him on.  The speeches began prompt at 8:15 am.  It was torture listening to all of the candidates' speeches because, since Ty was running for President, I had to wait until the very last 5 speeches to finally watch him in action.  
Ty sat patiently with the other candidates as each one, individually, gave their speech.  
AND THEN... it was Ty's turn to deliver his speech!
I had to have someone else use my video camera to record his speech because my hands were shaking too much. LOL!
He spoke VERY clearly.  He accentuated his points awesome.  AND I couldn't tell that he was a tad bit nervous. He told me afterwards that his heart was pounding. You gotta admit, speaking in front of not ONLY a live audience, but also your peers has definitely must be tough/nerve wracking.
 Hand on hip.  SOOOOO funny!
I think Darren is RIGHT. NOTHING could top Ty's speech and the crowds' reaction like his speech LAST year.  This year, they had so many new rules (ie. NO PROPS).  Ty had a REALLY funny joke that he was going to say, in the very beginning of his speech, you know, to get the crowd LAUGHING and attentive, but when he turned his speech in to get it approved, the joke got denied.  BOO!!!! Anyway, I'm sharing the joke BELOW, so you can laugh before hearing his speech.  Remember, this joke sorta goes along with the "PICK the right one" for President slogan.  
JOKE: What's the difference between KIDS and BROCCOLI?
The teacher who approved the speeches said that she was just concerned the kindergarteners would be talking about boogers all day.  Okay, okay understandable, but come on... that was as clean as you can get and still laugh.
DRUM ROLL..... And now for his speech! Haha.

Tyson is really making Darren and I very proud.  Between his work on the field, as quarter back, his amazing grades, and this new privilege to serve his school as President is so amazing.  We can ONLY HOPE and PRAY that he uses all of these blessings to advance the Kingdom of God.  We continue to remind Ty to remain HUMBLE too! ALL GLORY TO GOD for this accomplishment. This should be a really exciting, LAST YEAR, for Ty, at Fort Lewis Elementary School.  #fifthgrade

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD.  "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Way to go Ty! His speech and confidence, wow! Please tell him we are so excited for him :)


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