Monday, June 9, 2014

The VP Speech! and MORE...

The day before Ty's speech was due, he and I sat together and worked on it for 2 hours.  It was a special time for he and I. Normally, we are off doing our own things, so sitting still with him for longer than d-i-n-n-e-r, felt so good.  We both chuckled a ton and he played a huge part in writing this speech.  NOTHING was in this speech that he DID NOT desire to say.  

The morning he gave his speech, he had already performed in the talent show, so I think his stage jitters were gone.  He seemed very confident and ready to tell his peers why they should VOTE for TY GUY!  I was calm, but I think it was because I had my prayer warriors praying.  I truly felt the Lord's presence.

The reaction of the audience was priceless.  The outcome... HE WON!, but even if he hadn't been voted on by his peers to win, the reaction of the audience was MORE than I could ask for.  

Ty, you have made me the proudest mommy in the world.  You are so brave.  Your peers and teachers really love you. Dude, you are going places!!! Thank you for being willing to speak about Jesus in your school.  I pray the seeds that you are planting help lead others to the cross.  Next year, you are going to ROCK at VP.  Bring it boy... I know you can.

I was so busy video recording the speech, that I was unable to take pictures.  A special thank you goes out to Donna Smith for capturing these amazing photos of Ty.
Ty ran against 4 other classmates in 3rd grade.  There was definitely a chance he would not have been voted on by his peers, but HE WAS.  Thank you Jesus!
Ty's teacher, Mrs. Zimmerman: Before & After the mustache.
 Mr. Leftwhich - the school janitor - Before & After the mustache.
Ty's principal: "Mrs. K" - Before & After the mustache.
The WINNER of the Fort Lewis Elementary School VICE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IS.... TY BOLLING!!!!!!