Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bride and Groom Cash Gift!

Lilah and Jax's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Dixon, got married over the labor day weekend. I was so excited for them.  We were able to bless them by letting them stay at our Beach Condo, for their honeymoon, part of it was payment for watching our dogs for 10 days, (while we went to the beach), but the other part was a gift!
I also put together several gifts for their honeymoon.  
I wanted to give them a little bit of cash, but I wanted it to be fun to receive, so I turned their cash gift into a bride and groom. I folded the cash a certain way and added some stickers and tule, along with her new last name!!!
Lilah colored them a special wedding photo.

They make an adorable couple and their marriage is built on the solid rock of Christ. I wish them all the BEST!

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