Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Pick The Right One" For President!!!

Our little VP aka Vice President, of Fort Lewis Elementary School, is trying to be promoted to President this year.  He made this decision, on his own, and has taken the proper steps to apply.  First, he had to fill out a form, applying for the position. In order to be able to even run for election, students must: 1. Maintain an A/B average, 2. Must exibit good character. 3. Must be in good standing with both the student body and the teaching staff.  After filling in the form, each student needs to have their current teacher sign off and approve it.  If it gets approved (which TY's did), the next step is to fill out an application and answer a serious of questions as to WHY you wish to fulfill the role, of the position, you are applying for. Ty also completed that.  

The next step is to hang campaign posters, in two high traffic areas, in the school.  Each campaign runner is allotted two posters.  There are certain specifications to meet, for instance, the poster cannot be larger than the average poster size AND each poster must be hung on a certain date and removed by a certain date.  
This year, Ty chose the slogan, "PICK the Right ONE For President!", so for his first poster we took a spiffy looking photo of TY picking his nose.  Haha.  
Ty hung his funniest poster outside of the cafeteria. Sort of a gross poster to view right before you eat lunch. Hehe.
His next poster said, "I'm RUNNING for President!" And basically, I had the tough job of capturing Ty as he ran. Here are a few of the pics. On your mark, get set, go!!!!!!!

 I love how smiley he was as he ran!
Ty hang this poster outside of the school office for ALL to see when they walk in the school building, each day!
The final step is for each student to write a speech and deliver it to the entire school next Wednesday.  I will be there to cheer him on.  We are excited for Ty, but we are also keeping him humble, as he runs against at least 4 other classmates, that I know of.  The Lord will reveal His plan.  Win or lose, we are so proud of TY for having the courage to follow his aspirations, being involved in his school, and speaking in front of his entire school: peers, teachers, and staff. VOTE FOR TY!

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  1. Go Ty!! I'd vote for him :) please tell him good luck from us and we will be thinking about him and praying for him Wednesday!


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