Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spa Birthday Party Favors!

I AM A BIG PARTY FAVOR LOVER/GIVER! This is the very FIRST party where the theme was TOTALLY girly, so while shopping for the goody bag supplies, I felt like I was shopping for ME! As I always say, every party should have three focuses: the invitation, birthday cake, and goody bags.  With the invite, you get the party guests enthusiastic to join the birthday girl or boy. The cake: well that is self explanatory.  If you tell any kid that they are going to a party, usually, their first question is, "Will there be cake there?" And finally, the goody bag... sending your guests home, with something exciting, is a great way to keep your child's party in the forefront of their memory. One of my girlfriends, in particular,  has repeatedly said to me, "I feel like I have to write you a thank you note for these goody "bags!" AND often times, she waits to say anything about the party favors until her children are using a particular item.  She then sends me a picture or a text, showing me how her children are enjoying each and every item given.  I love that!!!

These SPA party guests were sent home with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR party favors.  

Party Favor #1 - SPA Goodies
The first party favor was the below goody basket. When I was preparing the party "bags", I knew I wanted the items to be placed inside a beachy type hand bag. I LOVED these pink baskets.  I found them at the Dollar Tree.  
Inside these baskets, were a large array of items every little girl "needs".  I tried my best to purchase items that were ONLY pink and purple.  Let's take a look at what was inside...
I'll actually just post a few of my favorite items below. The rest of the items/details can be view, in it's entirety, by clicking on the photo album below.

A Glitzy Coozie & Grape Crush Soda
 Lipstick Bath Soap
 Princess Press On Nails
 A Compact Mirror
I wrapped a feather boa around the top of the basket. I thought that completed the look.  So girly and "Oh So Glitzy!"

Party Favor #2 - "A Sweet Treat For Your Feet!"
I've already posted on these, but here is one more photo of them. Click on this link to see the details.

Party Favor #3 - A Personalized Cupcake
I've already posted on these, as well, but I want this post to be thorough, so here is one more photo of them.  Click on this link to see the details.

Party Favor #4 - A Trip To "Oh So Candy!"
The party price included a trip to the "candy buffet". I thought it looked much like candy land. The girls were in their glory. They had adorable pink, chevron bags and were able to fill them up to the brim.  
 I love the concentrated look with the tongue out!
 I think it's safe to say the girls went home with a fond, implanted memory, of Lilah's party!!!