Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Sweet Treat For Your Feet!!!

For Lilah's party, I created these fun and beautiful cozy cupcakes.
Supplies needed:
Cozy Socks 
Large Bubble Gum
Wooden Skewers
Scrapbook Paper
Insert skewer into bubble gum.
Cut the skewer to fit perfectly into your cozy cupcake.
Roll cozy socks.
Insert skewer into cozy socks.
Insert cozy socks into a cupcake "wrapper" made out of color coordinated scrapbook paper.
The morning after I made them, Jax came downstairs and said, "Oh, can I eat one?"  He thought they were real cupcakes!  That made my day!!!! It was my aim to make them look as realistic as possible.
I wound up wrapping these cozy socks in a clear, "snack" bag, in the baking section at Michael's Craft Store.