Thursday, April 3, 2014

"Oh So Glitzy" CUPCAKES!!

The Spa party cupcakes were a big hit.  They were not just delicious, but they were creative, both BEFORE and AFTER they were decorated.  Originally, my plan was to just pre-make cupcakes and decorate them using these cupcake toppers. Simple and no hassle, but then I thought, "These girls need a cupcake with lots of bling!!!!" 
Fondant toppers were purchased on etsy at Cool Cupcakes
I purchased, at Michael's, individual paint, palette plates. I collected a nice selection of sprinkles, candy, and edible embellishments to coordinate with the party colors AND to fill each hole, on the plate. 
I had to wait to frost the cupcakes until immediately before the girls were about to decorate them, otherwise, the frosting would have hardened and the embellishments would have just rolled right off.  So be sure, if you plan to mock this idea, to bring your frosting to the party.
I think the girls had a ton of fun decorating their cupcake, to their style.  They did it so daintily.  
Then of course we wasted no time singing to the birthday girl! 
 And watched as she blew out her candles!!
Then Lilah and her guests enjoyed eating the delectable dessert!
When the party guests left, I sent them home with an additional cupcake to enjoy.  I hope they reminisced about the party, as they ate their second cupcake, at home!!
If you desire to see MORE of the "Oh So Glitzy" cupcakes, in detail, please double click on the photo album below.  Enjoy the captions as a reference.  All photos above, except for one, were taken by With His Light Photography.