Sunday, April 6, 2014

Birthday Girl Opens Gifts - Spa Party

After some spa fun and lunch, Lilah was anxious to open gifts.  "Oh So Glitzy" supplies a special chair, for the Birthday Girl, to sit in. Below, she patiently sits in her chair and waits for her friends to hand her their gifts.
Love the barefoot shot!
The smiles and laughter were so sweet.  Her friends really made her day with a ton of girly gifts.
Uh-oh, look who surprised the birthday girl and showed up with a rose and a gift.
Such a sweet photo captured by With His Light Photography.
Lilah gave kisses in exchange.
And hugs!
I was a little jealous of that special time, so Shannon made sure to capture of a few pics of the birthday girl with her mommy!
To see all of the "gift opening" photos, double click on the photo album below! Enjoy the captions as a references.