Friday, April 4, 2014

20 Days and Counting....

Well, I finally made our Disney countdown, paper chain, last night. This paper chain is A LOT different from the Great Wolf Lodge paper chain that I did.  The Disney chain is actually an interactive paper chain. I got the idea from Bethany, over at Vermillion Rules. I love it!  Each day, the kids will have something, related to Disney to do, to help get them even MORE excited other than just being one day closer. I added a photo of the "fab five" characters, to the top of the chain, and it hangs in our foyer.  Each day, the kids will take turns "ripping" a piece of the chain off. Our first opportunity to do this will be tonight.
Below is a list of the predesigned, interactive Disney tasks. If I had more time, I would have been more excited to make this a little bit more of my own creation by designing my own Disney tasks.  Either way, I am so thankful that Bethany was willing to share her pdf file! And sometimes, you know, it's just not worth reinventing the wheel.
1.  Watch A Disney Movie.
2.  Have Mickey Mouse Pancakes For Breakfast.
3.  Pack Your Bookbags With Things You'll Need For Our Trip.
4.  Wear Disney Pajamas To Bed.
5.  What Happens If You Get Lost At Disney?  Discuss It. 
We are going to make phone number bracelets for the kids to wear, in case they get lost.
6.  Color A Disney Picture.
7.  Pick Out Your Favorite Walking Shoes.  We Will Be Doing A Ton Of Walking At Disney.
8.  Let's Get Autograph Books Today.  (We have them already, but the kids Do NOT know that.  We will give them their autograph books this day!  They will be so excited.
9.  Sing Your Favorite Disney Song.
10.Bounce Around The Room Like Tigger.
11.Practice Your Roller Coaster Scream.  Remember To Raise Your Hands Above Your Head.
12.Which Disney Character Do You Want To Meet Most?
13.Name Your Favorite Rides At Disney World?
14.We're Leaving For Disney World Today! Hooray!

Obviously, a few of these are not going to suffice for our family.  IE. #13.  Our kids have never been.  This is why I wish I had time to make my own tasks.  We will just view some rides on youtube that day or something.  The chain has 20 paper links, so a few of the links are blank. On those days that we have blank links, that will be so nice.  The pressure will be off to do something.  Haha!