Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monster Donut!

Tomorrow, I will be delivering goody bags and a Halloween snack to Tyson's 3rd grade class.  I have also designed/created/revised a Haunted House Mad Lib for them to do in their spare time!

The Snack ~ "Monster Donut":

(24) Donuts
(1) Tub of Frosting
(1) Package of Wilton's Decorative Eyes
(24) Plastic Teeth
(24) Pieces of Bubble Gum
First step: Purchase donuts :)
Second step: Insert Plastic Teeth - *note* the teeth expand out and start to break the donut.  They do not stay in place fully, so don't think you are doing something wrong when this happens!
Third Step: Using your frosting, "glue" the eyes to the donut AND fill the hole mouth of the donut.
Step Four: Insert Bubble Gum!  I had a hard time coming up with a tongue idea.  I thought about mentos, but I wanted the tongues to be pink, so I would have had to of bought 10 packs to get all pink "tongues".  Lifesaver gummies were another option. I am not certain Tyson's teacher or principal will be thrilled with my choice.... gum!
I hope Ty and his classmates have as much fun eating this snack as I had making it!!!!