Wednesday, October 30, 2013

3rd Grade Goody Bags!

As "co-room parent", I committed to being there for Tyson's class, when needed. My first responsibility, this year, was to head up volunteers to donate condiments for their Halloween School wide party, last Friday night.  My second task, was to contact parents and ask for contributions for a goody bag, for each class member. 3rd graders are NOT allowed to have a Halloween party, so I made sure to use enticing words :) to help encourage parents to donate, making the goody bags "the party!" The turn out was so amazing!!!!

Take a sneak peak into EVERYTHING the kids are getting tomorrow, in their goody bag.
Jumping Frogs
Wooly Willy Halloween Face
Glow Sticks
Halloween Pads
Plastic Halloween Friends
Spider Rings
Hot Cocoa and Halloween Marshmallows 
Cheese Balls
I secured each bag with (2) gold paper clips, a Halloween printable, and I used my labeler to "write" each child's name on their bag!