Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 101 & The Gospel 101

Okay, so you will be able to see, from the photos below, that we are NOT professional pumpkin carvers, nor are we artists.  Jax gets the biggest "thumbs up" for his patience and interest in completing not only his pumpkin, but also helping Tyson with his very detailed pumpkin.

A Pumpkin Must Be Chosen- Just like we choose our pumpkins, at a pumpkin patch, God graciously chooses all who trust Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  (John 1:12)
 Jax chose to carve a Ninja Turtle.
I warned Tyson that this TIGER would be a tad too detailed, but he didn't want to listen.  
Our precious, princess wanted to carve Sophia onto her pumpkin, but the pumpkin was too small. So... daddy chose to carve Jesus onto her pumpkin instead.  We told her we would buy her another pumpkin, before Halloween or Thanksgiving disappears, so she can carve her own pumpkin too.
 Cleaning Our "Dirty" Pumpkin
We explained to our children, just like a pumpkin is dirty inside, so are WE.  We are filthy sinners who need to be cleaned. God forgives and washes away our sins because Jesus shed His blood on the cross. (Psalms 51:2; Colossians 1:14). 
We removed all the "dirtiness" from the pumpkin.
Afterwards, Tyson, Jax, and Darren got to work "pricking" their pumpkins.
 Lilah watched from the side. :( She didn't seem to care AT ALL though.
We used this special tool to make our carving much easier.
It's a battery operated, power saw made for pumpkin carving.
When everyone got over the pumpkin carving, I had to finish the small details.  

Our pumpkin became a new creation, through out help of being carved. Just like God changes those who accept Him into new people whose hearts desire to please Him instead of self aka "sin". (2 Corinthians 5:17)
A Pumpkin Should Cast Light.
We placed a candle in our pumpkins and they cast light to those who drove or walked by. God fills Christians with His Spirit and allows His love and joy to shine brightly through them.  (Matthew 5:16).  

Are you like a Harvest Pumpkin?
We haven't baked the seeds yet, but they remain in our refrigerator for when we can find the time.  Tyson hasn't even been home, from school, for 5 minutes, and he's already asking to bake the pumpkin seeds. No doubt it will take place soon!