Friday, August 23, 2013


Last night, Tyson had his "Back To School Night".  We learned, on Monday, that Tyson has Ms. Zimmerman for 3rd grade, which is who Tyson wanted.  So that is a plus!  As Ty is getting older, back to school night is very short.  

We dropped off his school supplies.
Met Ms. Zimmerman 
(I told Ty I will stop taking pictures of him and his teacher in middle school:)
Found out which friends were going to be in his class.
Reviewed his schedule.
 And learned that he is in the "peanut free" classroom AGAIN this year.
Boooooo!  WE ARE NOT HAPPY about this news.
Ms. Zimmerman warned me that this year is HUGE along the lines of homework and seriousness due to SOLs.  We are very blessed, in that, Tyson has breezed by the first (3) years of public school with straight S's and A's (smarty), but I am very nervous NOT KNOWING what I am up against with SOLs.  If you think about Tyson, please pray for him.  With football (4) days a week, Church (2) days a week, school, and SOLs to worry about, he has a lot on his plate, for a little 8 year old.