Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dinner Table Fun & Games!

I don't NORMALLY promote dinner table GAMES goofing off, but I purchased this gift for Tyson a few years back and it really has created a ton of family laughter and calmness at the dinner table.  If we don't have a focus, (ie. devotional or a game) then dinner time is a nightmare.
The box is filled with over 51 easy dinner table games.
The "benefits" of this game.
How to play...
This game/card, "Time For Tunes" was the most popular with our kids.  We all laughed hysterical at the humming. Ty's face even turned red when he hummed.  I guess he felt like he was on stage.

I purchased this game at  The dinner cards are sold for two different age ranges, so make sure you buy the set that works for your family.  I chose age ranges 6-12, so a few of the games are over Lilah and Jaxon's head, but it is still a ton of fun and this box will be used for years to come.