Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friends Make Everyday A PARTY!

My dear friend Erin just received a BIG honor/task of taking over the children's ministry at our Church.  She's the best person for the job... really.  Until preschool starts, she is having to find childcare for her children on the 3 days that she works. Yesterday, it was MY turn to help her out.  FINALLY!  LOL!  She saved the best for last.... or at least that's what I am telling myself.  Hehe.  Anyway, I kept the kids VERY busy, to eliminate boredom aka disobedience.
First up... BUG CATCHING!
We have a GIGANTIC & GORGEOUS butterfly bush outside our home.
Especially in the afternoon, you can see over 50-60 butterflies on it. 

So the kids started with this bush!
I believe the butterflies were "onto them", so they remained HIGH on the bush.
Leave it to mommy/Kristin to catch one for them though.
If you look closely in this photo, you can see the butterfly in the butterfly catcher. 
 Then, the highlight of the day, Tyson caught this millipede.
 Mason was so intrigued by it.  
Then we found a few "stink bugs".
 Julia and Lilah - the bug princesses.  
Julia was in AWE over that butterfly.  
She asked if she could keep it and take it home.  LOL! 

Second Up.... Freezy Pops & Fireworks
Being it was daylight, you could barely see what we were doing,
But I had a few left over sparklers and stink bombs.
 Julia and Lilah did NOT care for the smell!
It's an outside favorite past time my children created from boredom!
Lilah enjoyed PUSHING the kids down the hill.
 As you can see, it created many smiles/laughs.
FOURTH UP... A DIP in the swimming pool & playground fun!
 The mischievous ones brought the chairs in the pool.
They made their own paddle boats.
While the drama queens were treated and given casts.
One fell off the playground.
The other's foot got snagged on the  pool gate.
Fort building with lounge chairs.
Lilah passes out her goods gum.

FINALLY....Dance parties and headless chase?!?!?!
 Ty started it and...
 The followers followed!
 While the queens sang and danced.

It's hard to believe we did ALL of that in 4 hours, but we did and the playdate went smooth!