Thursday, February 2, 2012


On January 2, 2012 I stopped eating ANY type of bread (bread, chips, pasta, bread crumbs, you name it!) as well as any form of sweets. I was in desperate need of a carb and sugar, not to mention processed food/refined food/fast food DETOX. Today marks my 30 days of SUCCESS. I feel so good! So energetic. So healthy. My brother has been trying to convince me to go gluten free for those reasons alone.

Anyway, it was slightly challenging in the beginning mostly just because I had to readjust my brain to find ways to supplement foods where bread normally is eaten. My BIGGEST challenge was when we would go to our favorite restaurant El Rodeo or Rancho Viejo. Those chips.... ahhhhh.... they are so good. I went twice and never ate ONE chip. I even turned down a lunch date out of fear I would cheat.

Some of the foods I ate in place of bread:

Celery with peanut Butter
Banana with peanut butter
Low-Carb High Protein Yogurt
Nuts of ALL kind (measure those boogers because they are high in fat/calories)
Beef Jerky
Turkey Pepperoni
Fresh Fruits and Veggies
Protein Shakes
Protein Bars

I have amazing will power WHEN I give myself rules/limits. I honestly am NOT going to go back to eating breads or sweets just because my 30 days are up. Since this is my birthday month, I may eat ONE or TWO desserts this month, but I am going to try to make this a lifestyle change as much as possible. I may just allow myself a once a week splurge on BOTH items.

Try it!!!! You'll not only feel great, but you'd be surprised HOW fast the 30 days arrives.

I've been following this up with a 4 day a week workout. I didn't want to get burned out from making myself workout 5 days a week. This has worked out great. I lift weights, run 3 1/2 miles, and do either P90x, Insanity, OR a Body Pump workout video. I'm hoping my hubby got me ZUMBA for my birthday!!!!

Have I seen results? Not on the scale, but in the mirror yes, and that's all that matters. A friend, at church last night said, "No offense, but you always look the same. Whether you eat bad or good, workout or don't workout." At first that was offensive to me, but then I realized, I'll take it as a compliment. The thing is... I don't have 30 pounds to loose, so she's right, much change will not be visible with clothing on :) ONE thing is for sure though, I may not look different, but I FEEL DIFFERENT!

Below is a clip of an advertisement for INSANITY! It's the PERFECT title for this workout. IT truly is INSANE. IT EVEN KICKS MY HUBBY'S BUTT!