Thursday, February 2, 2012

What my kids do for FUN!

Have I ruined my children OR has the LORD blessed them with the gift of cherishing their belongings by cleaning them?

It was a gorgeous day out yesterday, so I decided to wash the pink and blue buggies because I listed them on Craig's list and they are SOLD as of tomorrow. I like to deliver my belongings FRESH AND CLEAN. When Lilah and Jax saw what I was doing, they INSISTED on helping. If you could have been a fly on a near by tree you would have laughed your tail off. They were in their GLORY!

After we were done, they REFUSED to stop cleaning. They were cleaning EVERYTHING from the garage floor, to the basketball net base, to the actual County trash can. That's where I drew the line!!!! Crazy kids! Their learn what they live! I'll take this ANYDAY over a slob! :) LOL!

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  1. I LOVE it! It's nice to see cleaning is fun for them! Ashley helped me scrub the front stoop last year. She keeps asking me when we can do it again!


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