Tuesday, April 30, 2019

LipSense Facts, Myths, And Funnies!

Can it be so that I have yet to do an “educational” post on LipSense? I guess it’s all that I see to talk about on my business pages, so I just assumed everyone already knows the facts. But the reality is... LipSense is still something that so many people have no clue about. And then, there’s those people who think it’s too pricey or worse, think a cheapy brand from Walmart is just as good. NEGATIVE AND NEGATIVE, to BOTH. Here are some important and fun facts about LipSense.

LipSense is... FIRST AND FOREMOST 20 Years Old (Aka Established) AND...
1. Our liquid lipcolor and our company’s meal ticket. It is our #1 seller. 
2. Waterproof. 
3. Smudge-Proof. 
4. Budge-Proof. 
5. KISS-Proof. 
6. Long-Lasting. We guarantee a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 18 hours. 
7. Wax Free. 
8. A natural shield/barrier from the sun. 
9. Equivalent to (4) tubes of lipstick because you are NOT reapplying all day long. 
10. Lead Free. 
11. Lasts 6-8 months if you use the same color every day. 
12. Made up of primarily natural resources such as, Earth Minerals, Flower Extracts, Natural Herbs, Fragrant Plants (Shown to have medicinal properties to sooth the skin) and an SD Alcohol to create a germ and bacteria free environment. 
13. Vegan. 
14. Not tested on animals. 
15. Packaged in the U.S. 
16. Is 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! 
17. Promotes healthy lips. 
18. Moisturizes. 
19. Gluten Free. 
20. Non GMO. 
21. Paraben Free 
22. FDA approved!
23. Can only be purchased from an independent LipSense distributor, like me. If you find it anywhere else, it is 98% NOT LipSense. Comes from China. And contains horse iron, acid, rat feces, and other dangerous chemicals. 

1. Dry out lips. 
2. Rub off. 
3. Contain harsh chemicals. 
4. Stain Anything: Cheeks, Coffee Cups, Teeth, Etc. 
5. IS NOT aLip Stain!
6. CANNOT be compared to anything cheap in the stores. It’s completely SET APART from anything on the market. 

Fun Fact:
There is more traffic on our website, according to Microsoft and google analytics, each time new colors come out than when a new iPhone comes out. 

Wanna try some? Click on the "contact me" tab or "shop with me tab". Out of state? No problem.  I SHIP FOR FREE!

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