Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Melted Snowman Snack!

In honor of WINTER and to say goodbye to the month of January, Tyson and I made a fun, winter trail mix for (6) of his friends and (6) of Lilah/Jaxon's friends. I like to call this snack "The Melted Snowman!" Inside each baggie we included:
Marshmallows = Snowballs
Pretzel sticks = Arms
Cinnamon Candies = Mouth
Raisins = "Eyes made out of coal"
"Dots" = Hat
Candy Corn = "Button Nose"
Junior Mints = Buttons
Twizzlers Pull & Peel - Scarf

What you need:
1. Snack bags
2. Food representing "Frosty's" body!
You may have to sing the song, out loud, in order to get your brain thinking! OR just use the same foods I used.

3. Free TAGS from a blogger, like this one, that is creative and willing to share.

4. WORD! Add your own riddle/rhyme explaining what the snack is all about.

5. A friendly face willing to ingest it. It's not hard completing requirement #5 with three kids in our home. Someone is always willing to eat some JUNK!

Now get to work!!! There are only 2 days left in January.