Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 64th Grandnee!!!!

Today is grandnee's 64th birthday.  We were thankful to celebrate with her and grandad, yesterday, at church and Carrabas Italian Grill.  The kids were excited to present her with the card they colored for her and a few other gifts.  We love you grandnee. Happy Happy Happy Day!!!!
This is my NEW, favorite gift in LIEU of flowers.  Flowers die and are a burden to take care of.  This gift was purchased at Hallmark.  It's a single rose (fake).  It opens up to reveal a special message for the birthday girl.  You press the button on the back and the rose petals slowly open.  The note reads, "I love you bunches!"
I absolutely ADORE this picture.  Jax was playing with pizza dough and made a mustache with it.  He said, "Look mom, I look like grandad."
The kids really look forward to being with grandad and grandnee.  I am so thankful that our relationship is continuing to grow closer and closer, moment by moment.  You can tell that both the kids and the grandparents bring equal amounts of joy into each other's lives.