Saturday, April 16, 2011

God Grew Tired of Us!

Tonight, Darren and I watched a VERY INCREDIBLE documentary called, "God Grew Tired of Us!" The documentary is about three young men who leave behind a land in chaos to find new lives in a thoroughly different culture. As the African nation of Sudan fell into political disarray near the dawn of the 21st century, with unspeakable violence following in its wake, thousands of refugees attempted to flee the country, making their way into Kenya in hopes of earning passage elsewhere.

Jon Bul Dau, Daniel Abu Pach, and Panther Bior were three such people who eventually came to the United States. A filmmaker spent four years following them on their journey from Africa to the United States - a new unfamiliar land.

In God Grew Tired of Us, the filmmaker documents the young men as they struggle to build new lives for themselves, acquaint themselves with the "American" way of doing things, the difficulties of being black in a primarily white culture, and try to track down the friends and family they were forced to leave behind.

It was really difficult watching this documentary. It sickened Darren and I to see, up close, the massive struggles that people in other countries go through: starvation, loss of family members, being barefoot, and illness, just to name a few. It was incredible to see how uncivilized these gentleman were, yet how humble they were as well. When they flew from Africa to New York, we got a chuckle as they got onto the escalators in the NY airport. Each of them almost fell because they had no idea what an escalator was. It was amazing to see how appreciative they were over things that we complain about, ie. having a trash can.

This documentary was very sad to witness, especially after they entered the U.S. It was a reminder that as Americans, we are SPOILED, unfriendly, and unaccepting of different cultures. The 3 gentleman found it difficult to manage paying their bills on top of spending time with each other. In Africa, family bonding and staying together in groups was the norm. In America, it seemed, from the documentary, that we have/make little to no time for family and bonding.

We rented this movie on NETFLIX. I highly recommend it. It's great for ALL ages. I hope to let Tyson watch it so he can see how blessed he truly is.

For a sneak peak of the movie, view this link...

IT's a total MUST SEE for so many REASONS!!!!!