Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Presents!!!!

From their actual birthday, March 25th, to their birthday party, April 2, Lilah and Jaxon were certainly spoiled and treated like royalty from all angles this year. I really enjoy capturing the shots of what they received for various reasons. 1. I love sharing gift ideas with others. Several people went out of their way to get items personalized and those are great gifts to give. I'm trying to help you out here. 2. To capture facial and physical reactions. I decline opening gifts in front of others. All the kids want to help open the gifts, then they want to play with the gifts, and it's just too crazy. We let the kids open their gifts after a well needed nap. Their reactions were priceless. I want the gift givers to see that. 3. As a way to remember who gave what so that I can write thank you notes.

Friends and family who were so sweet to give gifts, I promise you thank you cards are going out this year. Give me a few more days!!!!! AND thank you, thank you, thank you BIG for all the wonderful presents. All of them were very creative, thoughtful, and fit each of their personalities to a "T". I am sorry you had to buy two gifts :) At least you only have to do that ONCE a year for us. Just think, every time we buy something or do something, it's ALWAYS x 2. I felt your pain immensely. LOL!

Enjoy viewing the kids opening their gifts!!!!