Sunday, March 31, 2019

If You Don't Tell Your Kids, The World Will!

It’s been a while since I did a “Getting To Know You” post... Did you know that the 11th most searched word on the internet is the word "sex"? AND NOT just by adults. Kids are hearing that word at school and are curious what it means. So they look it up on Google.  Lord God, please NEVER have my children look up that word... Oh the visual images that they will see will haunt them for life. 😫😮 😢  Keep reading!
This is so true NO MATTER WHAT WAY YOU SLICE IT! Every parent parents differently. And that’s ok! Some parents make their children do chores year round, others only have chore policies during the Summer because Summer allows time for it, some don’t make their children do chores at all (I disagree with this one...) BUT in the end... EVERYONE, one day, will have chores. I don’t care what people think of my decisions and the way I parent my child because everyone’s dynamics and schedules are different. As long as I am raising my children unto the Lord, that’s ALL. THAT. MATTERS. TO ME. I try NOT to compare my parenting to another’s parenting. However, one thing that I feel is 100% truth and parents should be on the same page... is this, “If you don’t tell your kids, THE WORLD will!” I have witnessed parents try to protect, hide, and ignore topics that’s are more than prevalent in this world and sadly... it leaves their children hindered, embarrassed, scared, unsafe, and learning about these topics from their peers aka informed WRONG. Eek.... there is VERY LITTLE that I don’t tell my kids. I want my kids to feel confident and comfortable asking ME questions rather than using google or worse their friends for answers to questions google and their friends should NOT be educating my children on. NOW, don’t be scared I tell my kids are asked not to share these private and personal conversations with their peers out of respect. It’s not their job. It’s their parents’ job. And shame on any parent who feels weird talking to their kids. You are their educator. Their mentor. They should be able to turn to you and ask those odd or hard questions. We educate our children in a clean, age appropriate, and godly way. Anything the Lord has created is NOT taboo in our home. And anything the world has created... well, we tell them it’s ungodly, but my kids still need instruction as to what it means and why it’s wrong. It’s not wrong because we say it’s wrong. It’s wrong because God says it’s wrong. Parents, think on this. You be educate your children, not google and certainly not their peers. Don’t be deceived, if your child is homeschooled either. They still live in the world (tv, billboards, video games, social media, church (yes church friends), sports, and so much more are still in their midst. 

What’s my point? How does this relate to a “getting to know you post?” Well, I am telling you the truth that I don’t hold back in talking to my children. It’s my job and it’s my joy. 

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