Sunday, February 3, 2019

Who Is Joni Rogers-Kante?

This blog is NOT designed to be sales-ey or a platform where I constantly talk about LipSense or my role as a LipSense Distributor. I have (2) public accounts set up just for that, where you can see all of the latest colors, products, and educate yourself on the ins and outs of being a lipsense distributor. I also have a "Shop" icon above (which is temporary not working, but it will be back up and working SOON! However, I do desire to share my love of the company and it's products, on this blog, from time to time.  I am in this business for the long haul and for anyone considering becoming a distributor, you may wish to know more. I am slowly breaking it down for those people.  Who is Joni-Rogers Kante? 

If you clicked "Read More", thank you AND how exciting. That might just mean that you have heard of SeneGence and you are possibly considering signing up to be a part of this amazing, girly company that sells premiere products for our precious skin!

Joni is the CEO and founder of SeneGence International. For myself and all of my SeneSisters, it’s so important for us to really know who Joni is (The WHO behind what we sell) and for my customers, it’s interesting to know who Joni is and the WHAT, WHY, and HOW behind what they are wearing on their skin. Joni claims that she has ALWAYS had a very strong work ethic, even as a young child. After graduating high school, she knew she didn’t want to go to College. Joni did know however, that she wanted to work in the cosmetics and personal care field, in addition to having a strong desire to run her own business. She was introduced to the MaryK sales industry and in 1982 she became an Independent Distributor for the company. Outside of her family members, MaryK was one of her top mentors. Joni believed working for MarkK was a good opportunity to be an entrepreneur without having to design a business infrastructure. Joni was one of the TOP 3 distributors. BUT, after multiple years with the company, Joni decided there was MORE TO BE DONE. She wanted to run a company that offered products and a career path for women that were both long lasting AND that actually WORKED. JONI wanted to create a product that NOURISHED the skin while creating BEAUTIFUL looks. That’s why our makeup line is NOT just makeup. Our makeup has our skincare built into it. She also wanted our products to LAST all day. Joni was a single mom and she was tired of her makeup smudging off when she kissed, hugged, and snuggled with her son. And she felt a vision for an amazing compensation package, greater than any MLM company has ever offered. In 1998, she worked with a product formulator/chemist that had already designed a product that was similar to and aligned with her passions for the product to last all day. It was called Ultra Lux. Both Joni and the chemist worked together for one year and used the money from the sale of Ultra Lux to start up a business in her mobile home. Eventually, she had enough money to open SeneGence. In April 2000, the first corporate office was opened and SeneGence earned 1.7 million dollars in the first year of business and had 1,000 distributors.

Joni BELIEVES in the products that she’s created and that the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT. So in addition to amazing makeup/skincare AND am unbeatable compensation package for her employees, she has also created a return policy of “100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!” And you have a FULL YEAR to return your products (as long as the bottle is not at the bottom or empty). 

Joni also believes that dedication and consistency, along with a heart for working hard, are true characteristics of a successful entrepreneur!!! There’s so much more that could be said about Joni Rogers, but for now, I will stop here!

If you desire to know more or are looking for a hard-working upline that will lead you well... please contact me in the "contact us" form. I can't wait to get you jumpstarted and help you join in on this spectacular journey with me.  

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