Thursday, January 31, 2019

Super Bowl ~ 2018

Who's ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday? I'm about 50% of the way there. I have our table decor and one snack item, but I need to get focused on the foods A.S.A.P.  We've had some insane weather lately that has caused school cancellations and delays and then my lipsense business has blown up MORE THAN average these last two weeks, so it's keeping me busy.  I cannot believe I am saying this, but I have yet to post on last year's Super Bowl tradition that I created BUT, NOW seems more appropriate than ever!
I'm "Here For The Food". Oh the food, the glorious food.  I feel like the Super Bowl should be like December 29th or something because everyone is supposed to be "dieting" and no one wants to eat celery sticks and watch football. I am pretty sure the Super Bowl can be blamed for all of those New Year's Resolution people who eventually fail. I usually always do the same stuff because this "celebration" is a tradition and my kids only eat an accumulation of these foods on Super Bowl Sunday, so they actually look forward to it.

(Below): Last year, however, I did ad one or two new things.  I added little appetizer cups of veggies and ranch dressing. This was pretty much for me, but I think Lilah did pick out the carrots and enjoy those. This is a simple crowd pleasure and makes for a beautiful/colorful presentation.  You can really even DUMB IT DOWN by buying all of the pre-cut/sliced veggies.   
So pretty! I just love pretty food.
Last year, I also added two platters of chips and dip: salsa and artichoke/spinach dip.
We ordered two types of wings.  The year before, we made our own wings but we have really become huge fans of All Sports Cafe's wings. Their wings can't be beat.
I also always make these cute popcorn football bags to store fresh popcorn in.  I suggest, if you make these, to pour the popcorn in at the last minute because as you can see, the popcorn is so buttery it starts to mess up the presentation.
The main food item for my kids is always pizza.  We get the make your own pizza's and we've been turning the dough into the shape of footballs.  I just draw out a football shape, using my edible markers, and then cut out the footballs with my meat scissors.  I enjoy this part because my kids love to help.
Look at how young they look here.  Wow! One year really makes a significant difference.
I cut up pepperoni into rectangles to make the football laces.  They came out absolutely perfect, didn't they?
I believe I put some smiles on my kiddos faces.  Super Bowl food brings out the best in people.  
We interrupt this football game to bring you the halftime show! We all know that the half time show is truly the MOST exciting part of the entire event, right? I used my Heidi Swappletterboard to create this hilarious sign.  Justin Timberlake is my FAV.
And then it was time for dessert.
Super Bowl rings are a must.  This is the least satisfying dessert that I serve, but without these rings, my kids wouldn't feel like it was Super Bowl Sunday! Just pick up some ring pops at your local gas station or Dollar Tree and you will have all of the kids at your Super Bowl Party smiling.
Football cookies! Duh.  Pillsbury is so smart.  They released these right at the perfect time.
I also made some team colored cupcakes. We were hoping for the Eagles to win!
More decor... Heidi Swapp Light Box.
And finally, to try and keep it semi healthy, I made Darren and I some chocolate covered bacon! The chocolate was the color, or as close as I could get it, of the Eagles team.
This was my first year creating a drink cart.  It was mostly because that Christmas I purchased a cocktail cart for Darren, really for me, haha.  My goal is to decorate it for each holiday: including Father's Day and Super Bowl. I was pretty obsessed with the way it turned out.  
I scored these football mugs at Target, online.  I was going to link them here, but it doesn't look like Target carries them anymore.
I bought so many cups and I needed to do something with them, so I just placed our liquor bottles in them.  LOL! 
Look closely.  See how I lined the cocktail cart with fake turf grass.  
I wanted everything to be green and brown.  So I picked up the mini Sprite drinks too.  If you look closely, I offered Darren and I lime LaCroix. They are covered up with our football koozies. 
I wrapped up a piece of our artwork with referee cloth.  This cloth was purchased back 7 years ago for Ty's 7th "All Sports Party".  I printed an Eagles emblem and bam! It looks like we've always been Eagles fans.  We were when Michael Vick played.
It really was a "Sunday Funday"!
I actually sat down for the halftime show because, well, JT is my MCM.
So now the pressure is on to top last year's events OR at least make it equally as good.  It's Thursday here and I only have a few days to work on this. Stay tuned... you can always follow on IG where I share every day life in the fast lane OFTEN to find some of my sneak peaks already.

And because we all know VIDEOS are sometimes more fun and entertaining than photos... enjoy this Flipagram if you needed more of a visual. 

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