Monday, February 4, 2019


COOKIEEEEES! My kids love to bake them and they especially LOVE to eat raw cookie dough. That's why when I spotted this ELF cookie dough, by Pillsbury, I immediately came up with an idea and had to have it.

I decided to hide our elves in the refrigerator one morning.  

 I included some new, cookie baking supplies: such as sprinkles, a spoon, and a spatula.  
Our elves also included a new cookies cutter, which for us is hard to do because we have soooooo many.  This cookie cutter was of a sweater, so we could make some ugly sweater cookies. 
The elves didn't seem to be bothered by the frigid air.  
Each of my kids received a box of their own Christmas cookie dough, not to bake, but to eat RAW! I know. I know. It's not good for you. They don't listen well.  
I wanted to get all ELF dough, but I knew that they would argue over who's is whose. I wrapped up the dough, with snowflake wrapping paper, and let them pick the box they wanted to open. No one stole each other's dough. No one complained that they didn't get the dough they had hoped for.  Everyone was content.  I think I am going to contact Guinness Book Of World Records and ask them if they would like to document this date for the history books. LOL!  

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