Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Blowing You Kisses & Valentine Wishes!

Today, I turned some ordinary lip whistles into the cutest Valentines for my kids to pass out in a few weeks. The lip whistles came from Hobby Lobby. There are (12) whistles in each bag and right now they are on sale for $1.79 per pack. The pack is a mixture of both pink and red lips. I purchased (2) packs because I needed (24) whistles. How did I spruce these lip whistles up a little? Well I am so glad that you asked.

I created the cutest tags that read, "Blowing You Kisses AND Valentine Wishes!"
I guess the pink/purple combo can be for the girls and the red/black combo can be for the boys. Today is your lucky day because I am offering these labels to you for FREE, below if you'd like to copy this idea! 
Using a pair of scissors or an exacto knife, pop a small hole in between the lips (on the tag) and insert the whistle.  Be sure the hole is NOT too large or the whistle will not stay put. I'm pretty excited about the way they turned out. Plus, these are the PERFECT gift for a mini lipboss to give out. Aren't they?
I think I am going to try and retake these photos in the morning because the lighting was so bad and I am not satisfied with the end result, but it's good enough for now!
Who are you blowing kisses to this Valentine's Day?

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