Friday, January 4, 2019

Hershey Squirts And Lemonade Kisses!

On day #2, we had some potty issues.  What the heck did Napoleon eat?? We believe he might have gotten his hands on some of that contaminated romaine lettuce. He had such a horrible tummy ache or at least that's the story we are sticking to.
Tums and pepto bismol was involved.  
How cute is our elves christmas TP (toilet paper)?
Pee Lemonade? LOL!
"I had diarrhea." What a disaster! What a complete disaster!! BUT, thankfully this was just Hershey's chocolate, from my perspective anyway.
I have a funny side story about this.  Because this bathroom is in the basement, I failed to clean the toilet.  What happened was, I retrieve the elves for the NEXT day, the following morning, and I grabbed all that I could, like the pepto and tums, BUT I thought I would remember to clean the chocolate off the toilet and I didn't. The following week my cleaners came.  I always look over their work to make sure they cleaned properly.  I report back to their boss if anything is not done correctly.  This bathroom was COMPLETELY missed.  I was pretty upset, but naturally, I think they thought the chocolate was poop and were appalled.  LOL!  When I called the owner of the company to tell them that they missed an entire bathroom and shared the video of what our elves did and explained that it was chocolate, the owner said, "They thought it was decoration, so they didn't know what to do!" This is a spanish speaking crew, so I sorta had to believe that because I don't think they know the word diarrhea.  I swear, these stories are so funny and I am so glad I am documenting them for a rainy day when I am old and grey and have nothing to do.  
Thank goodness for nose plugs candy can scarfs and deodorizer spray!

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