Monday, August 6, 2018


Jelly Fish: They wrap their tentacles around you.  hey entrap you. Strangle you. AND then they STING, leaving a painful burn and sometimes, their tentacles even leave permanent scars. Doesn't this sound like some people in life? Do yourself a favor.  Don't swim with them.  There are enough people in life who will LOVE you and CHEER you on.  People who put you down and tear you down are just jealous and insecure! Don't let their ugliness cause you to react like a shark.  Swim away! Swim far, far away!   
After posting the below image, found on pinterest, on my Lovely_Lips account, a friend responded "YES". I then responded, very spontaneously with the ABOVE comment and decided to make a jpeg out of it.  LOL!  It is so fitting in so many ways!  Choose your circle WISELY.  

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