Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"YES" Day!!!!

Summer is coming to a QUICK close! Due to the ages of my children and their personal LOVES (fortnite, youtube, and musicallys, and slime), this Summer has been the slowest, most unproductive, and uneventful Summer to date. We have also been a little busy serving my mother and father, who recently moved to Roanoke, so our normal, Summer days took a major detour for a good month or so. No one has complained. I guess I just have mom guilt now that the school year is about to begin. I am thinking about all of the things we could have done or should have done, but didn't.  I am grateful, however, that my children LOVE being in their home and don't have to be whisked away on vacation and entertained constantly. When I stop and think about what we've done... we did plenty: we went to Charlotte, King's Dominion, Myrtle Beach, and Richmond. They had Starbuck's, Salem Ice Cream Parlor, Dairy Queen, and Bahama Sno-Shack.  They went to the pool (both ours and a friends'), the trampoline park, the YMCA, and enjoyed multiple/expensive sports camps, drama camp and cheer camp! Went to birthday parties. Had a sleepover or three.  We ate out A TON! They even were able to enjoy a day at the mall shopping for back-to-school clothes and then Target/Staples for personal school supplies. They were able to sleep in and didn't have to go to daycare. Sounds like a good Summer to me.  

BUT... I wanted to do a little something that would leave a lasting impression.  I feel like I am constantly saying "NO".  Kids don't get that discipline is love.  Guidelines are necessary.  Rules are required.  Motherhood/Fatherhood, PARENTHOOD ain't easy.  YES, I say no mostly out of convenience, because I know our daily agenda and what will fit into it, and for selfish reasons, but I am allowed to.  I've been a kid.  It was done to me and I survived.  My kids will too.  When they are parents, they will do what I am now doing.... "AH... now I guess why my mom ...."  [Fill in the blank]! I am not here to fulfill their every selfish desire.  I am hear to fulfill their needs and an ENTIRE day of fortnite, staying up till 1:00 a.m. every Summer day, eating endless amounts of CRAP, and not expecting them to do chores or allowing them to sleep till noon is NOT being a loving parent.  It's being an unprotective, negligent, lazy, abusive parent. It's teaching my kids how to be nonproductive humans in society.  I am raising the next generation, future adults, and hopefully, most importantly, CHRIST FOLLOWERS.  So saying "YES", all the time, is NOT necessary, practical, or loving.  

BUT TODAY, I will be saying "YES".  I do have (10) Guidelines, mostly for my sanity, but also because I know, allowing my children a day of asking questions that only allow me to say YES, will pose dilemmas, IF I don't set those guidelines. They knew this day was coming and they were already planning out their absurd desires, like pulling an all nighter, thinking they could have a budget of $100 each (guess who that was), or skipping their already planned out obligations to invite a friend to sleep over.  "UH... negative!"  So, guidelines were necessary.  Suggestions are mentioned.  They have the choice to make some major decisions and if they choose unwisely, like eating ONLY junk, they will pay for it.  

So, tell me what you think.  See the guidelines below.  I will also include a link for you to print these same guidelines at home, if you desire to mimic ours.  I plan to make sure I have plenty of coffee available to me.  I have ONE friend who has done this before and she said by the end of the day, you feel like you've been hit by a mack truck, went out partying all night but didn't enjoy it, or feel like you could sell your children to North Korea's leader and never look back.  HAHAHAH.  We shall see what they ask me to say "YES" to.  Stay tuned... 

P.S. I bet today will be the best day of their lives.  #MOMGOALS

After reading the guidelines, do you feel like I've put far too many stipulations on the day?  OR do you think I was fair?  There are (3) links below, that you can click on, and print if you wish to use BOLLINGWITH5's guidelines.  Oh and let me preface... these guidelines were created by ME! They work within the dynamics, morals, faith, and personalities of our family, so if you do not like them... make your own!!!! I am curious to see how they change, if you do make up your own. Send them my way! 

Guidelines 1-4
Guidelines 5-7
Guidelines 8-10

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