Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bring Your Best Game!

Darren and I waited until February 17th to celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple! We made February 14th about our kids.  I was fine with that because it would have been next to impossible to find a babysitter anyway.  To be honest, it's sorta becoming a tradition, to spend the FRIDAY after Valentine's Day celebrating.  We did it last year too! See last year's celebration here.

When Darren arrived home, there was a red table of goodies, sitting at the foot of his entrance, waiting for him. The red table was candle lite and contained a bottle of my favorite wine and a new red wine for him to try, a red rose, chocolates & strawberries (which we didn't touch, lol), a GIFT in the heart-shaped box (and it wasn't chocolate), a pair of boxers, with hearts on it, and two "gifts" with sweet messages on it.  
"Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant!" I love this sign.  It was purchased at Altared State!
Inside the "#1 Draft Pick" box, I made and printed a little message to him: "Every minute spent without you is a minute that is wasted!" The box contained a nice selection of top shelf whiskeys in airplane bottle form.  Want the tag I created?  Click here.
Boxers: Ha! The standard blah gift.  BUT they look so good on him.  HAHA! I texted him a message he arrived home when I heard the garage door open.  "When you come inside, put on your new boxers!" I know you all were just DYING to know these details.  
Underneath the boxer shorts was a beautiful plate that read, "Hello Gorgeous!" It's ivory and gold.  The photo doesn't do it any justice.  I bought it at Pier 1.
Waiting at our bedroom door was a message on my light box, "Bring Your Best Game!" along with my favorite cologne that he wears.  There was an extra purpose to the message on the light box.  You'll find out.  Don't worry, it's not X-rated.  
After our little love date, I presented another gift to him.  It was ANOTHER heart-shaped box and inside were little basketballs and several printouts that I created for him.  What was that all about?
Well, I presented part of his birthday gift to him on this day! His birthday is February 27th.  He turns 40.  I spent countless hours planning a weekend trip for him.  ONE that was ALL ABOUT HIM and his loves, NOT what I love, but certainly ANYTHING WITH HIM would BE something awesome.  THAT'S where my light box message came into "play"... pun intended.
I hired a babysitter, booked a 3-night stay at the LOEWS hotel in Philadelphia. I even reserved floors 22-35 so that we could be HIGH UP and have a gorgeous view of the city's SKYLINE.  I had champagne and an impressive cheese/italian deli meat/crackers being delivered on HIS actual birthday.  
This would have been OUR room and our view!
We would shop, get massages, ice skate at their downtown ice rink, AND on his ACTUAL birthday, we were going to go to a 76ers VS. Golden State Warriors Game! We were also going to go with my sister and her husband who lives in PA. I even had our airline itinerary picked out.  I presented the gift to him and Darren seemed genuinely happy.  However, once he realized that I did NOT yet PAY for the tickets and I could cancel the hotel room, he started expressing a desire to NOT go.  Apparently, Stephen Curry has been making rude comments about Donald TRUMP and has started doing things that Darren doesn't approve of, things that go against his profession of loving Jesus Christ, and Darren has a small distaste in his mouth for Curry.  He doesn't mind watching the team play, but he just thinks Curry is getting too big for his britches and is losing himself.  I was so bummed.  I really was.  I had no idea he felt this way about Curry.  Ugh... Why does fame ruin humility? BUT, I am SO happy that my husband doesn't give in to the WORLD and has wisdom BEYOND his years.  Darren was also upset that he would be missing our children's LAST basketball games that/this weekend and said, "I would MUCH rather watch my children play basketball than Stephen Curry!" Just another reason to be so thankful for this man.  He gave up an entire weekend for HIM to be a selfless/sacrificial daddy!
Darren gave me a beautiful pair of lavender, silk pjs, lotion from Bath and Body Works, and (2) new Alex and Ani bracelets.  We went out to lunch together and after that it was pretty much time for the twins to arrive home from school!
BACK to the ball game, meaning back to ground zero! Time to REPLAN something special for the birthday boy! UGH... I can't deny that after putting all of that effort and excitement into the above and having it all crumble, doesn't give me MUCH hope for a new plan.  Stay tuned...

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  1. You should think about going into business. You are so creative, and detail-minded. Lucky hubby!


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