Saturday, February 25, 2017

For Sale & Sold in 24-Hours

On Thursday, I put our living room furniture on Craig's list and on FRIDAY it sold!!!!!
This living room set has been with us for 10 years (this year).  
It came from the well-known furniture CAPITAL of the world... High Point, NC.  AND from the best furniture store EVER... Furniture Land South.  
At the time of purchase, I felt so blessed and beyond thankful that we were able to decorate our home in this way.  This furniture is gorgeous AND good quality!
BUT looking at it now... it's JUST not our style anymore.
Like AT ALL!
We SOLD the furniture to the new owners of the FLOYD COUNTRY store.  They will be putting it in the cottage, directly behind the store.
I am really just posting this furniture as a memory.  This is the ONLY living room furniture my twins have known and Ty can recall.
We kept it in GREAT shape.  The owner's of the Floyd store couldn't believe it.
On Monday, when they come to pick it up, we will have a COMPLETELY empty room.  Eeeeek.
It is so exciting and so overwhelming at the same time.  The best part about Furniture Land South is that if you shop there, you are given a complimentary design service. That's well worth the drive to highpoint.  Interior designers are NOT cheap these days.  

Good furniture.  You've been good to us, BUT we need something LARGER now.  With two adults, 3 half sized adults kids, and 2 dogs (one 90 pounders), it is time to move on to BIGGER and more beautiful things.  We spent $6,400 on this furniture back in 2007 and we sold this furniture for $3,000.  I think we did good.  It's like we rented this furniture for 10 years for $3,000.  Not bad.  Time to start designing, shopping, and decorating.   

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  1. Can't wait to see your new furniture. Your home is cozy!


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