Monday, October 31, 2016

Apples For Teachers ~ Halloween 2016

It's Halloween!!! I am so glad to see this "holiday" come and go.  I feel like everyone has been celebrating it since July.  I am certainly NOT yet ready for Christmas tunes though either, especially since we are sporting 75 degree weather tonight! Any HOW... back to the purpose of my post...

I look for reasons to bless those who are willing to teach my children.  More power to you! I COULD NOT and WOULD NOT take that job, even if it paid triple digits. LOL! This year is a lot easier on the pocket.  I only have one teacher to bless (benefits of having twins) and the bus driver.  
Let's start with the bus driver, Ms. Robin: She received this brown package which included a "Give Thanks" sign.  It will help her prep for the holiday that gets shafted - Thanksgiving - because everyone is already in Christmas mode.  We are so thankful for her and wanted her to know.  Inside the brown wrap was the 2017 Cow Calendar, which most everyone knows is a gift that gives ALL YEAR LONG.  She will get a FREE item, from Chick-Fil-A, each month.
A spider ziplock baggie filled with a coupon for a free donut, at Krispy Kreme, and a free Slurpee, from 7-eleven.
I made this little mason jar myself.  I purchased some Halloween colored, caramel popcorn, from Tuesday Morning.  I emptied it into a small mason jar and attached a "No Tricks Just Treats" tag onto it.  Of course, I had to hot glue a creepy spider on top of the lid.  Thank you Pizzazzerie for the free tag.  I just couldn't make my own, this morning, before the bus arrived.
 Mrs. Green received a little more because let's face it, she has the harder job!
She also received the Cow calendar.
And the "No Tricks Just Treats" jar.
We give thanks for HER everyday! LOVE this sign.  Thanks Target ~ $3.00.
 A delicious looking GHOST! Thanks Fresh Market! 
A bag of black and orange, festive, white corn chips.  Thanks Fresh Market!
A jar of PUMPKIN salsa.  YUM-O! Thanks Fresh Market!
And then I also gave her a baggie of (2) free donuts and (2) free slurpees for her one year old and two year old children.
 I hope they feel loved and blessed because WE feel love and blessed by having them in our lives!


  1. You always put together the best gifts for teachers, bus drivers, etc!


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