Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Second Grade, Halloween Goody Bags!

As classroom mom, I am responsible for planning the "parties" for Lilah and Jax's second grade class.  I quoted the word parties because it's really just a holiday snack, incorporated into their already scheduled snack time.  These poor kids are considered "too old" to have an actual party. I signed up for the "sweet treat" and I collected cash donations, in hopes of getting the kids ONE good quality gift, instead of a bag of junky erasers, pencils, and plastic spiders.  I was able to collect $44 from a total of 4 parents.  I wound up donating $34 towards goodies, as well, because I couldn't decide on ONE party favor. Here's what the second graders received. 
First up, from Kirkland's Home Store, a glow-in-the-dark spinning top.  These were retailing for $5.99, but I hit the jackpot when I walked into the store, last week, and saw them on sale for 75% off.  I paid $1.49 per spinning top.  My receipt said that I saved over $103.00.  HOLY COW retail really marks up their merchandise.  The boys received the skeletons.

The girls received pumpkins.
After going to Kirkland's, I stopped in at Michael's Craft Store and realized that their Halloween items were on sale for 70% off.  WHAT?!!?!?! I spotted this Halloween GLOW Party Pack, originally retailed for $4.00 and I paid $1.20 per box.  I was super excited. I hope the kids used this glow pack during their trick or treating adventures. 
The boys got the orange pack and the girls got the black pack.  What's inside?
When you opened it up, this is how it was presented.
It contained the following:
A glow in the dark pumpkin bracelet.
A glow in the dark skeleton necklace.
A spider pendant (which I hung on their trick-or-treating bag).
A skeleton glow ring.
Lilah and Jax included a special gift to their peers: a free SMALL slurpee ticket and a free glazed donut coupon!
COMBINED: These lucky second graders received OVER $12 worth of goodies.  This sure does beat a bag of mini bubbles and mini halloween notebooks. Right?


  1. Great costumes! My teenager was also a "Cereal Killer" this year.
    Lucky classmates of Lilah & Jax! What a bargain for all the goodies.

    1. Oh my gosh! How funny. I love hearing from my readers. SO thank you for depositing a little something. :)


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